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Longtime Toolies: Making My Workshop Suck Less

In the last six months I went from having virtually zero tools and no real place to even use them to having a dedicated workshop and more tools than you can shake a stick at. Not sure why you'd want to shake a stick at them, but you couldn't even if you tried.

That has been, as we say in the biz, a double edged sword. On one hand I have enough tools to do essentially any project I want, I simply lack the skill, but on the other hand I have essentially ruined my workspace with clutter. All that is changing now. I'm building up skills and I'm unfucking my workshop.

I used my incredibly smart 96" level rip fence to rip a piece of plywood to make a workbench, and then I got to work cleaning up my shop and building a nice little rolling miter saw stand. This, like every other project, took way longer than expected AND I almost crushed my hand to death in the process because somebody left a cinder block right where I was walking. The nerve of some people.

Just with what I've done so far I feel like I can actually work in there again, which I honestly haven't been able to since the day it was built. Take a look and see what you might have done different and let me know in the comments here or on Twitter and Instagram.

I've got a nice little treat for all the losers and haters at home at the end there. If you hated my stock tank pool this new addition to the backyard will blow your pathetic genitalia right off your disgusting little body.