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Staycation Toolin Around The House: I Completed Many Projects And Sweat My Dick Raw Like Monday Nights of Yesteryear

Took some time off over the last week or so to clear my head and focus on some of the things that are most important. While doing that, I needed to get some energy out so projects were knocked out like this poor fella. 

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It's no secret that I got a little- how do you say- fat over the past couple of years. My fingers and mouth got most of the workout since I started working at Barstool so lots of these projects have absolutely kicked my dick in. From taking lumber from my truck to my backyard to moving rocks to nearly cutting my feet off with a jackhammer, and finally to moving two truckloads of dirt to my backyard for a lovely raised garden bed hasn't been easy but this gorilla cart made it MUCH easier. I recommend one bigly. If you wanna do the work without working as hard, it's great. 

Speaking of working hard, my producer Kyle is crushing it. Make sure you are following our channels. We are on facebook, twitter, instagram, youtube and even MOTHER FUCKING PINTEREST! Can you believe that? Pinterest. 

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Lock it up, Daffy. Pinterest is awesome. You can find all sorts of shit on there to build, make, cook. It's fantastic. If you dont have a Pinterest account, get one. Follow @longtimestoolies first. Pin our shit like 

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That's not a pin technically but it does make me dizzy!

Look at that! Beautiful!

AND if you follow us on Instagram, you might get a sneak peek at my feet which are perfect for jerking people off! 

Jk. I have long toes. Better for fingering. 

Anyway, here's my current favorite song for no reason.