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Jackhammers Are Dangerous and Not Very Fun

I remember growing up and thinking how cool jackhammers were, and how awesome it would be to be the guy who gets to use one every day. I was a stupid fucking kid because these things suck.

I nearly took off my toes before I even really used it. I should have just stopped there. This is one of the few times I should have listened to the internet and just never bought this to begin with. I will say though, by the end of this project I was weilding this thing with some authority, and to be honest, I looked fucking good doing it.

Not sure what I'll do next. My backyard is coming together, though, so maybe I'll finish those Lemongrass planters in time for the fall. Is there anything you want me to build or videos you want to see? Comment below or let us know on Twitter and Instagram.