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Longtime Toolies: Building A Floating Desk Without Plans

Without question this is my most difficult build to date. Wifey asked me Sunday night if we should buy a desk for downstairs so that we can monitor our little one while we attempt to do distance learning again. Well, millions of other parents were thinking the same fucking thing so desks were sold out basically everywhere. 

She sent me a picture of a desk from a website and asked if I could make it. In my head, I was thinking absolutely fucking not. I dont have the skills for that shit. So, I lowered expectations and said that I could do something similar but not as fancy. Dont expect rounded edges or any of that shit. 

The kicker here is that there was no plans. I couldnt find anything even close to what she was asking but I looked at the picture hundreds of times and decided to give it a go. 

This video is that process. There was like 7 hours of video to comb through for my producer Kyle but he did it. The desk turned out great and wifey, kiddo, and I were thrilled. And, to be honest, I felt a little bit of pride about the quality of my work for the first time.