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Longtime Toolies: Harbor Freight's Miter Saw Is Trash And We Will Treat It As Such

Okay internet, you won this round. From day one, all you Longtime Toolies have been harassing me about the Harbor Freight miter saw I bought very early on in my career as a master craftsman. We don't tool brand shame, but we do quality shame, and pals, this Harbor Freight miter saw is a fucking disaster, as you can clearly see in the video.

I thought I was gonna save a few hundred bucks by getting the cheap saw, but I ended up having to replace it and it also fucked up dozens of cuts. If you've bought lumber recently, you just can't afford that. A 2x4 is like $6 now, the fuck is up with that? Anyway, I donated* this piece of shit and I'm happy to have it out of my life. I hope it doesn't make its way back to my house like it is The Mask...although if Cameron Diaz comes with it I'll reconsider.

I'm learning, slowly, that quality tools are expensive for a reason, and in the long run they're a better value than the cheap shit. As my boss and financial market guru Davey Day Trader would say, "Price is what you pay, value is what you get." 

*Donated to a pile of trash.