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Longtime Toolies: Let's Build A BBQ Area

The heat in Texas is getting out of control. I've been trying to set up my time to record these fuckers between other tasks. I'll do a podcast in the morning and then head out to start hammering away or whatever. By the time 11am rolls around, it's too fucking hot. I honestly dont know how construction crews do it. I'll be out there for like 2 hours and CRUSHING water. I'll take a break every 30 minutes to drink a big yeti-sized cup of water and I STILL wont piss for like 5 hours after I'm done. 

I was DONE with this project. It's not fun. I'm an idiot and this task proves it. 

That being said, I think the area will look lovely when I'm done and I now feel better about going to the rock farm and riding a mini bike. Enjoy!

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