DIY Goofin: Let’s Build A Dog Bed

This is the first build where I tried to measure/design everything out myself. Turns out, I need an impact driver big time. I’m terrible screwing in screws. Learning about all the different tools and shit has been a highlight of all this for me. Just yesterday, my backdoor was sticking some. I knew what to google and how to fix it. A couple turns of the screw driver and we are back in business. Shocking. Tools fix things. Who would have thought? And now that I have lots of tools, my trip to Lowe’s or Home Depot ( I’ll never say which until they advertise) was like 22 bucks for wood. Not bad. 

Now, all of this shot might not sound like much to lots of you but for people’s brains who aren’t naturally geared to well... gears and mechanical stuff, that’s a huge change.

This project I also use a router for the first time as well. Spoiler alert: it’s not easy. You’ll see that on Monday.

What else should I try building? 

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