20 Dollar Chef - Fresh Ass Sea Bass

Today on the 20 Dollar Chef, we hit the high seas to catch our dinner. The fishermen homies (Danny and Zack with Parker Pete's fishing charters. Belmar NJ.) took us out to fish for some blue fin and sea bass. Either way the game plan was to catch what we could and head home to make fish tacos. For an A.D.D dude like me, fishing is the most boring slash fun activity possible. When you're not catching shit it's a shitty feeling. That all goes out the window once you hook a fish. When I watch Y.P catch 40 foot fish I'm always envious of that feeling he gets reeling that big ass thing in. I mean I'm over here catching 12 in. 2 lb. sea bass feeling like i'm reeling in a 70 lb. tuna. 

Dan and Zack were awesome guides, and cool as shit to hang out with and pick their brains. We found some sweet spots where we caught the sea bass and ended up with a nice little haul and plenty of fish to feed our group of 12. 

I have always enjoyed grilled fish tacos over breaded. So that's what I went with for today's episode. I added some EVOO, cayenne, cumin, paprika, and some salt & pepper. Tossed the fillets on the grill for about 3 mins each side. 

For the slaw I wasn't feeling a creamy style slaw. I wanted to go with something citrusy, a bit spicy and sweet. So I made a pineapple slaw. I added a slice of avocado and some of my homemade salsa and thats all that was needed. 

Pineapple slaw:

- Pineapple

- Onion

- Red cabbage

- Jalapeno 

- Cilantro

- Lemon and lime to taste

- Salt & pepper