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20 Dollar Chef - Chicken Drumsticks And Shishito Peppers

Another week locked down. One of the things I've disliked the most is the feeling at the grocery store. No more slowly walking around looking at items you haven't cooked with or staring at the veggies wondering what your in the mood for. Rolling by the meat slowly waiting for what you feel like eating to hit you. Then scanning which steak is the one you want. Sitting in isle 4 looking at ingredients you need for a certain recipe. I miss that kind of thing. Now it’s more of a mission. Know what you want, get in get out and try not to catch the rona. 

Today I went with a grill episode. I miss being outside and look forward to at least being able to use the grill and smoker. I have a cast iron skillet so I’m ready to cook on the grill. I marinated the drumsticks for an hour or so then tossed them on the grill. Shishito peppers have been a small addiction lately. No free ads but Whole Foods sells them by the pack for 4.99. A little seas salt after you blister these guys and you have a delicious side dish. I had some mushrooms in the fridge so I just tossed them whole in the some foil. Added some steak seasoning and butter and they came out really flavorful. 

I hope lots of you are held up in a place that has a grill! If not soon, things will be back to normal. This meal is very doable in home as well. You can throw these drumsticks in the oven or cook them in the skillet before you blister the shishito peppers. I threw in a couple jalapeños to spice it up and some sliced cucumbers to help ease the pain.

Chicken drumstick marinade:

  • OVOO
  • Salt and pepper
  • Cumin
  • Paprika 
  • Garlic
  • Onion
  • Cilantro
  • OJ

If you don't have these items, just toss the chicken on the fire and you're still good to go.