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Romantic Pimps Stand Up - A Picnic Basket Breakdown

Winter is over, spring and summer are upon us. At some point this quarantine shit is going to end. We will stop looking at each other like a walking disease and stop being scared of each other. There will be a whoooole lot of horny folks out in these streets in full force looking to impress that special someone, or anyone at this point. The key here is to understand exactly who it is your taking on a picnic. You should be planning the items in a picnic basket according to the woman you're attempting to impress. Different women enjoy different things. Don’t assume they all like the same shit. Effort is the name of the game here. Women are extremely detail oriented. Here's a video I put together to help you get off to a decent start. 

 I did this video a couple years ago, and it still holds true.