20 Dollar Chef - Bar-Bill. Buffalo, NY

On this episode of 20 Dollar Chef, we hit the road to Buffalo to eat America's best wings and drink some ice cold Labatt Blue.

Bar-Bill has been around since the '70s. They keep it simple and consistent. If the food isn't good enough this local hot spot is also known for its "Mug Club." Mug Club is when a customer buys a personalized mug for $50 bucks and you get $1 drafts for life. You then drink from your mug every time you come and pony up to their bar. For those who make this their bar of choice, that's a steal. 

I really enjoyed the attention to detail this bar has when it comes to the wings. Never frozen, never over sauced, and brought out immediately by the cooks. If you've ever worked in a restaurant you'd know this isn't something most places do. This eliminates your food from sitting in a window getting shitty. I tasted all of their sauces and these guys should keep these recipes under lock and key. They are as close to perfect as a group of wing sauces can be. 

The Labatt Blue was flowing and ice cold. As I sat there eating some of the greatest wings in the U.S washing it down with such a delicious beer, I just felt like everything was right in the world.  If I lived anywhere near that place I'd be a proud member of the mug club trying my best to crush $1 beers. Most likely you'd see me there as much as the staff. 

The Beef on Wecks is not to be slept on. They have the fresh horsey ready to rock and I fell in love. All I need are 2 solid menu items and some cold-ass Labatt blue and I'm the happiest man alive. 

Thanks to the Labatt Blue team and Jon with Bar-Bill! I can't wait to get back and tear this place up again.