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20 Dollar Chef - Chris Distefano & Yannis Pappas

Today on the 20 Dollar Chef I am joined by two of the biggest maniacs doing stand up today. These kids are selling out theaters doing their podcast and stand up all over the country. You're not going to find many people with this level of hilarious chemistry. Their energy is contagious and you just feel better as a person when you hang out with or watch their content. their knife skills are shit, but what a blast it was to cook with these boys. 

We take a shot at a Greek dish, The chicken gyro, a little tzatziki sauce, and a greek salad. Tasted solid. Added a bit too much dill to the tzatziki sauce. Also, probably should have drained more of the marinate before tossing the chicken in the skillet. Fortunately, it came out tasting nice. I enjoyed using a non-Greek, naan bread also.  For the record changes like this are allowed. Look what taco bell has done with all these wild-ass made up tacos. The original recipe sometimes just becomes the base of the idea of what you create. It's a solid loophole. 

Check out their podcast here!