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20 Dollar Chef - Posole. A Tale Of Mexican Breakfast Soup.

Not to long ago on my radio show I had a convo with JB, YP and Vibbs about my eating soup as a breakfast. They weren’t exactly fans.  My side was if I make a soup the night before I just throw the whole pot in the fridge after I eat dinner. Then when I wake up I take the pot out of the fridge and throw it on the burner. When the Mexican chicken noodle soup warms back up… Showtime!

My favorite breakfast soup is Posole. A staple in the Mexican community, this soup is not to be fucked with. Outside of being extremely delicious, it’s known as a hangover cure. Always helpful. Now, the difference in the version I make compared to the version Mexican grandma’s make is extreme. I don’t have their secrets. So I’m going with what I’ve learned. Always feel free to make anything I make, better. 

This is a pretty easy soup to make. The pork stew meat or pork shoulder meat is pretty cheap and the flavor is huge. It’s also a great recipe to make if you enjoy cutting up veggies.

I love this soup more than I can ever explain. I hope you do to! 

Thanks for watching.