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20 Dollar Chef - Birthday Brunch

On this episode of the 20 Dollar Chef effort is the name of the game. If you care about someone in your life, then this is a strong suggestion for that next birthday, anniversary or special day you want to roll out the red carpet. don’t forget there are levels to this. Beginner, halfway there and straight up pro. Go with what your budget allows.

With menu’s like this random shit goes a long way. Like using blood orange juice as opposed to regular orange juice. etc.

This shit is an art project, make it yours. Specialize it to your person’s likes and dislikes. This is where people who really care, go the extra mile… So clock in, get to thinking because it’s that time of year, brunch is hot shit again. Get on board and make your lady or man feel special. This is the type of shit her/his ex didn’t do. All you’re doing to driving home the point that they made the right decision moving on from their past and eventually finding your ass!

As always, thank you for watching.