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20 Dollar Chef - Demolition Derby and Smoked Ribs!

A few months back I had the honor of scratching off another bucket list item. I was asked by my buddy Kevin, owner of the Indianapolis Speedrome If I would be interested in driving in a demolition derby. So like any other dumb shit I agree to do, I said “Of course I would!” Again, months out it always sounds like no big deal. Then as it gets closer, the situation sets in. You can’t pussy out,  just have to deal with it and go do it!

So Kevin, being as nice as he is, even offered to give me a car and print whatever decal I wanted. So I figured I might as well smoke some ribs and just make it a day! My friend James and I woke up early, grabbed the smoker and headed to the track.  I’ve never smoked meat on a smoker, but it wasn’t too hard. I know I have room to improve, but.. that’s arguably true about anything.

We had a blast, James beat my ass in the Derby,  which by the way is top 3 scariest things I’ve ever been involved with. (The other 2 were Rough n Rowdy and a pregnancy scare with a San Jose hood rat in 2010.)

Hope you enjoy!!! Thanks to Kevin and the boys over at The Indianapolis Speedrome! Make sure to check the place out! Especially the figure 8 races! They are insane!