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Models in Quarantine, Season 1 (Episodes 1-24)

It has come to our attention here at Models in Quarantine HQ (now with 9 full time employees) that on some web browsers and older phones, Models in Quarantine is having a hard time loading. This could be due to the number of links at the bottom, where we recap the previous episodes of MIQ so those who might have missed an episode can catch up. 

Well after a long board meeting, we've decided that it would be detrimental to the long term growth of MIQ for you to not understand episode 20 because you didn't read 19, ya know? So to circumvent that problem, we will now use this as the link for all episodes in what we are now calling season 1, episodes 1-24, before launching season 2 today. In case you need to get caught up on all previous episodes, they are listed below. Enjoy!

Previously in Models in Quarantine: 

What an incredible season it was. Can't wait to see how season 2 can top it. Onwards and upwards!

Click below to start season 2: