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Models In Quarantine 9

Another day, another model in quarantine. MIQ doesn't quit just because it's a weekend. My quarantine update is I'm running low on food. I went grocery shopping last week and bought a decent amount of food, but when you literally don't leave the house for weeks, you tend to eat 2x more than normal. So I think tomorrow I will risk it all and return to the grocery store to stock up again. It's the last place I want to go but the alternative is starving and while that actually isn't a terrible idea after the amount of candy I've been eating all week, I'm going to make the responsible choice and buy real food.

Hope you guys are doing well and hanging in there. Don't forget to reach out to your friends who live alone, they need human interaction more than anything right now. And text an ex-girlfriend and see how she's doing. She needs to know you're safe. 

Anywho, here's more Amanda not in quarantine:

Hope everyone has a good day. And start firing off those texts!!!

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