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Models In Quarantine 3

Many people ask if you need to have seen Models in Quarantine 1 and 2 in order to understand part 3. I'd say yeah, probably. I mean you'll get the general idea but without 1 and 2 you really won't understand the intricacies of the plot. The who, what, when, why, and hows. You can use context clues to try and map out the motifs, but without a deep dive into 1 and 2 you might not fully understand the message. So after you catch up on 1 and 2, here is Models in Quarantine 3:

It is important to get outside and get some sunlight during quarantine. Don't breathe on anyone and don't let anyone breathe on you, but getting fresh air, possibly going for a walk, supposedly helps the mind. We could be inside for the next...3 months? So start now before you go crazy. 

Here's more Hannah not in quarantine:

Hope everyone has a good day.