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Models In Quarantine 18

Here we are, another Monday on our hands. Episode 18 of MIQ. I wonder what a fair o/u for number of episodes would be for this show. 99.5? Is that fair? I don't even know. All I know is some days are good, some are bad. Some days are good, some nights are bad. Some days I get angry because of the situation we're in, some days...yeah, that's actually every day. I think everyone is though, no? Just super frustrated that this is actually happening? That in 2020 we are locked in our homes for months on end? Just...very frustrating to think about. Sigh. We'll get through this though. Remain positive. It's all we can try to do. Hope MIQ helps a little bit.

So here's more Anllela not in quarantine:

Have a good day everyone.

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