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Models In Quarantine 13

Hey! That's not social distancing! Someone call the police!

Ok fine, we'll allow it. 

Welcome back to Models in Quarantine, episode 13! A new day is here today, the sun did in fact come out, right on the heels of some pretty grim news from the White House. They released some numbers yesterday, and let's just say the initial prediction of "15 cases will be down to 0" doesn't appear to be holding much weight right now. Hearing them finally admit the truth was a bit morbid but at least now everyone is (or at least should be) on the same page. No more "hoax", no more "overblown", no more "I'll go out if I want". Shit's going to be bad, please protect yourself accordingly. 

Anyway, here's more Giulia not in quarantine:

Hope everyone has a good day.

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