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Models In Quarantine 11

Another day, another Monday, and another model in quarantine. 

Today feels weird to me. It's hard to put my finger on exactly why. Everyone is feeling the same thing, "I can't believe this is real" type of emotions. Today I feel like we are moving away from that and now settling into "this is our reality for the next X number of months". 

Today is the day I've decided to start getting more into a routine. Breakfast, blogging, working out. I've been wildly unhealthy during quarantine, so going to try to take some steps to get some sort of fitness into my life. I'm still going to drink because I need to stay sane, but I think some exercise will help as well.

If you're feeling the existential dread, don't worry, we all are. I don't know if that provides any comfort, but just know you're not alone.

Anyway, here's more Alex, not in quarantine:

Have a wonderful day, everyone. Be safe.

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