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Models In Quarantine 16

Here we are, Saturday April 4th, and it's another day inside. That's the sort of thing that I get depressed about. That the streets aren't flooded with New Yorkers going to brunch right now. That Becky isn't ordering avocado toast with the avo on the side (she's watching her carbs, ok???). That even if I wanted to go somewhere, I simply can't. It's still bizarre to me 1) that we're living through something like this, and 2) people still refuse to believe how bizarre it is. I still see plenty of people on Twitter who don't think this is a big deal. I wish I could live with my heads in the clouds like that, would certainly make this whole thing easier.

But never the less, have a good day and be safe.

Here's more Desiree not in quarantine:

Have a good day, be nice to one another.

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