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Models In Quarantine 15

Lawyer's Note: Not all pictures are taken from quarantine. We must now add this disclaimer because 4th string quarterbacks from 3rd tier football schools can't comprehend that.

Welcome back to another episode of Models in Quarantine! It's finally Friday and for the first time in a month, the week flew by. The previous two weeks for me felt like eternities. Like every day was Tuesday. But this one was somewhat more normal. I focused a little more on being in a routine- going to bed at a normal time, waking up, drinking coffee, etc. I'm still eating boatloads of M&Ms and not working out at all, so still room for improvement, but so far, so good. Let's try and have a good weekend and maybe do a couple pushups on Monday. Hope you guys are staying safe and not losing your minds. 

Anyway, here's more Jessica not in quarantine.

Have a good day everyone, even ex-qbs who can't read a defense as well as Steven Cheah. 

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