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Models In Quarantine 24

Welcome back to Models in Quarantine! Today, Easter Sunday, marks episode 24. We've been in quarantine slightly longer than that, but what's amazing is we've been doing this for over 3 weeks now. The episodes just keep on going. We might rival The Simpsons in number of episodes by the time this is all over. If you haven't seen all the eps, no worries, the links to all the past shows are at the bottom.

Oh and happy Easter everyone! This will be a weird memory in the future right? Remembering where you were on Easter of 2020. "Oh yeah, that's the year we were all locked inside". So strange. I hope you guys are able to talk to your loved ones and put on your finest pink pants and have a few sips of wine. Keep your head up, we'll be back out in the wild in no time.

Stay positive, stay strong, and here's more pictures of Abby not in quarantine:

Have a good day, everyone.

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