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Models In Quarantine 25

And welcome to season 2, episode 1 of Models in Quarantine! As I noted in the season 1 recap, we had to start a new thread, but we are back and better than ever. 

It's a rainy day here in NYC. I guess there are storms all up and down the East Coast. Windy as hell, just terrible outside. I was going to try and hit the grocery store today as I am *completely* out of food, like, not even 1 thing to eat inside my entire house, but this weather has other plans for me I guess. Or maybe if I go I'll be the only one there, which would be nice. 

Either way, hope everyone is staying safe. I hope by season 3 we have some optimistic news. 

But for now, here is more Lucia not in quarantine:

Have a good day everyone.

Season 1: