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Models In Quarantine 22

Welcome back to another edition of Models in Quarantine. Episode 22! I reached out to Glenny Balls for this one. He said this is his queen. The mighty Mrs. Balls!

We're once again here on a Friday. Feels good to type. Another Friday closer to freedom. God I just want this thing to end. I'm so glad I went to Aspen for a long weekend back in February. What a life saver that was. At least I've traveled *somewhere* this year, ya know? I can't wait to be able to go...anywhere. Anywhere at all. That's what I'm looking forward to the most. Not being in NYC.

So yeah. Hope you guys are having a good day. Weekend is here, have a can of beer.

Also I might have to start a new season soon, simply because I'm not sure the Barstool tech can handle all the links to the previous episodes that I put at the bottom of the page.

But anyway, here's more Gabriella not in quarantine:

Have a good day everyone.

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