Snackin' Off — Hershey's Gold Featuring Frank The Tank

I am happy to announce that we finally got the most requested guest in Snackin’ Off history in the office to tape an episode last week. That’s right. Frank Fleming AKA Frankie Midnight AKA Frank The Tank put his taste buds to work alongside myself and Your Boy KFC. Believe it or not, trying to get a dad that lives north of The Wall and a man with a full-time job that has to deal with the INCOMPETENCE of New Jersey Transit into Barstool HQ on the same day is tougher than you would think. But as always, (snacking) love found a way. And not just for any snack but a snack that got a triple thumbs up!


Hershey’s should use that picture for their ad campaign. First ever triple thumbs up in Snackin’ Off history and Frank The Tank approved.