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Snackin' Off — Pringles Thanksgiving Dinner

I won’t lie, I was very nervous heading into this review. As you can imagine, I have long been a huge fan of Pringles. Yuge fan. But anytime you start trying to make snack foods taste like real foods, you could have trouble on your hands (For example: The last 2 years of the nonsense Oreo has pulled).

Which is why I was so delighted during this “meal”. Everything I ate was good and tasted JUST like the Thanksgiving dish I was promised. The turkey was on point. The stuffing might as well have been straight from the Stove Top factory. The mac and cheese tasted like homemade mac and cheese (NOT that there’s anything wrong with blue box mac and cheese). And the creamed corn. Oh my word. I truly believe the only way to describe the magical flavor and creaminess of that Pringles dust is the way Violet Beauregarde felt when the tomato soup was running down her throat during her doomed trial with a three course meal gum.

Just 10s all around for Pringles when it comes to flavor reproduction. Did Mike D’Antoni do it again or did Mike D’Antoni do it again?!?!?

HOWEVA, even though we gave it the best rating you can give a product, which is a billion thumbs up, I have to say you couldn’t have a full can of Turkey Pringles or Stuffing Pringles. You havvvvvvvve to stick with it as a full dinner package. And give us more than three chips per flavor. We couldn’t even stack the Pringles to make crazy leftovers combos like we were promised on the packaging.


Oh yeah sand make sure you always have a flavor map on the packaging. There is nothing I love more than eating something that comes with a flavor map because it makes me feel like a culinary explorer.