Snackin' Off Drinks Edition – Pepsi Fire And Gatorade Flow Citrus Crash

Pepsi Fire was one of the most requested items we have had since Snackin’ Off launched and boy it didn’t disappoint. Well I guess all it did was disappoint. We knew it was going to stink, it stunk, and that is that. KFC hit the nail on the head in the video. Pepsi Fire basically tastes like you filled up a cup that had earlier been used for Fireball shots with Pepsi and ice, the ice melted, and you get this weird Pepsi with a hint of cinnamon concoction. You know who asked for a combination like that? Nobody on the planet.

As for the Gatorade, we were clearly not fans of the Citrus Crash. It was like a weird hybrid of regular Gatorade and that G2 diet Gatorade. Now I am not one to hate on diet drinks. In fact I love diet drinks. I’ve been calling them the fat man’s compromise for years. Myself and fellow super large humans love to load our plates up with food and then grab a Diet Coke to make us not feel like complete pieces of shit. So being tricked into what seemed like Diet Gatorade or at least a product that tastes like a diet Gatorade pissed me off.

Howevaaaaaa I will say that I had the Strawberry Splash Gatorade Flow last weekend that is exclusively at 7-Eleven and that flavor fucks. I guess there is a place for Gatorade Flow afterall. When you are hungover or need electrolytes and don’t want to load up with full sugar Gatorade, Strawberry Splash gets the thumbs up from me.