Snackin' Off — Herr's Buffalo Blue Cheese Curls And Chip Fingers "Finger Condoms"

Look at Herr’s dropping from the clouds to get a double thumbs up! I admit I did not see that coming. Herr’s is one of those snacks where you aren’t sad if you see a bag of them at a party, but you aren’t happy either. You are just content that there are chips. But I respect them for taking a chance on a buffalo bleu cheese curl.

Also I am going to get out ahead of this mild wings story before it becomes something bigger than it should be. If I am at a bar by myself and have never had that bar’s wings, I will order mild. If the mild tastes like medium, I will stick with mild every time I go to that bar. But if the wings are mild or weaker than mild, I will dial it up to medium. The reason being is that I don’t like wings that are too hot and take away from the meal. When I’m eating, I’m just focused on consuming. I don’t want my mouth being on fire to distract me from my caloric intake. Eye on the prize, people. Too many restaurants have their temperatures wrong and I’m just autocorrecting them. At some point, wing temperature hardos like Your Boy KFC started to have the loudest voices in the room and the sheep thought it was cool to eat wings that turn your mouth into a goddamn warzone. If KFC is such a man, then I challenge him to eat a whole Costco sized bin of Hot Mega Warheads. I guarantee he won’t even eat one.

Also if you wear Chip Fingers you are a certified asshole and deserve to be shoved into the nearest locker immediately. I guarantee fake ass snack reviewer Darren Rovell wears Chip Fingers.