Snackin' Off — Mystery Oreos

A few quick things to say about these Oreos.

1. The first whiff I got of them smelled like lemon-scented Pledge and took me back to the days of my mom cleaning my room. Not the best way to introduce people to your cookie, Oreo!
2. The fact that the cookie didn’t taste like chocolate is the single biggest mindfuck I have experienced in my life. It was like being told you live in The Matrix and everything you know is a lie.
3. The true flavor to that shit is Fruity Pebbles. We asked Coley “The Mickman” Mick his opinion and he said it’s Fruity Pebbles. There is nothing, including hoops, Jimmy Buffett, or different kinds of dip that Coley knows better than Fruity Pebbles. And he said the flavor of these unholy creations was Fruity Pebbles. So make out that $50,000 check to Clem right now Nabisco and stop being so fucking weird with your flavors. I feel like Snackin’ Off is slowly becoming Review That Weird Ass Oreo Flavor.
4. The Dunking Buddy amazed me more than any basic magnet + cup contraption ever should.
5. It was great seeing KFC realize that he no longer had to be a savage and dip his whole hand just to soften up his cookie.

That’s the face the cavemen made when they first discovered fire.