Snackin’ Off — Halloween Candy Draft

Draft Recap
1. Clem: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup
2. KFC: Kit Kat
3. KFC: Twix
4. Clem: Snickers
5. Clem: Starburst
6. KFC: Milky Way

In my humble opinion, I blew KFC out of the water. Sure he has a couple of studs in Kit Kat and Twix. But this was a draft full of gems and your boy KFC decided to willfully jump on the only landmine of the bunch, the Milky Way. Literally a Snickers without nuts. I have chocolate, peanut butter, nuts, nougat, caramel, AND fruit candy all at my disposal. KFC’s team building approach is as bad as (Name any of KFC’s favorite sports teams here).

But alas, you guys shocked me when we put McDonald’s Coke vs. Glass Bottle Coke up to a vote.

And KFC reacted to me destroying that weak ass candy bar like he just saw Conor Gillaspie walk into the room.




Sorry I just triggered myself typing out the CG word. Anyway, here is your chance to vote for who had a better draft: Me or Kevin Francis Clancy.

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We also launched a Snackin’ Off Instagram page. Today we broke down the worst Halloween candy.

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P.S. I know we said it in the video, but fuckkkkkkkkk 3 Musketeers.