Snackin' Off — Oreo Cadbury Eggs And Peeps Oreos

KFC and I recorded a handful of these reviews couple of months ago, so don’t worry we aren’t eating old ass expired snacks, even though I wish we did just so that may have explained the tastes of these two disasters. I would say the Oreo Cadbury Egg was in my Top 5 for snacks I’ve been most excited to try since I donated/destroyed my body to snack research. But it was an absolute flop. I have no idea why it tasted like bubble gum, but the creme tasted like Bazooka Joe blew a load in my mouth. Great visual, I know.

As for the Peeps Oreos, I admittedly went in with a closed mind, ready to hate them. I think Peeps are trash and Oreo getting into bed with them is an American tragedy. But the disgusting bubble gum flavored Oreo Cadbury Egg opened my mind back with the grace of a robber using a crowbar. However, the Peeps Oreos slammed my mind back shut when my tongue felt like it was being melted with acid. I’ll have Ralph Wiggum describe what the Peeps Oreos tasted like.

I don’t know if it’s because we twisted open the Oreos and made our own bootleg Double Stufs by combining two cookies with stuffing. But it was pure misery. When KFC and I went back to the office and gave it to our blogger brethren, nobody had the same reaction. Some even liked the cookies with nobody complaining about the aftertaste from hell. So it may have been a user error on our part. But the Surgeon General should definitely put a warning on the box saying never go Double Stuf unless you have poison control on the phone. In fact I may take it into my own hands by going to the grocery store, throwing some Mr. Yuk stickers on any packages that may still be out there and call it a day knowing I may have saved a life.

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