Snackin’ Off – Pistachio Kit Kat & Strawberry Creme Kit Kat

One of the biggest reasons I was excited to do Snackin’ Off was because I wanted to spread the word about good snacks that nobody knew about or would give a shot without a quick review. Yeah the free snacks and putting KFC in his place for his occasional trash opinions were important reasons too. But spreading the good word on snacks was the main motivating factor. And these Pistachio Kit Kats are the epitome of this.

Green Kit Kats from Japan would usually scare the shit out of me because there are countless examples on this website that the Japanese get into some freaky deeky weirdo shit. But I had to try them out since I believe pistachio is one of the most underrated flavors in the world, even though it catches a bad rap because of its color. Give me all the pistachio ice cream and muffins that you can. And while you are at it, give me more of those Kit Kats. I couldn’t figure out what these Kit Kats tasted like. You can see me putting my Tastemaster 3000™ to work here:

I couldn’t figure it out what it was while we were filming. But after the cameras stopped rolling, I realized Pistachio Kit Kats taste like white chocolate. And white chocolate is awesome. So good work to all the Japanese men and women that created that confectionary treat.

As for the Strawberry Creme Kit Kat, they were no bueno. Yucky. Very bad! The only thing that saved them from being utter trash was me converting the greatest catch never seen.