I just bought a VERY EXPENSIVE pickup truck: Introducing the #51 Rubbin' Is Racing Truck

The NASCAR CRAFTSMEN Truck Series Championship is next Friday in Phoenix.  And since Kyle Busch Motorsports... the most winningest team in Truck Series history... just sold itself to Spire Motorsports, Phoenix will be the last time KBM's iconic #51 truck will run in a race under Kyle's banner.

And that truck will be wrapped from bumper-to-bumper in a Rubbin' Is Racing paint scheme.

( I just realized I am 51 years old, so this shit makes even more sense.)

Spider and I have been able to do a TON of cool shit with NASCAR since we resurrected Rubbin' last year… and the whole process has been very profitable for Barstool… but this is arguably the coolest thing we have been involved with yet.  Having a sticker on a car is great, but having the entire vehicle to yourself is a whole other deal.  Dave had a pizza car run during the regular season at Talladega in 2019, but, with all due respect, I think this one is a LOT better looking. 

Kyle Busch Motorsports has a record-setting 100 wins between 18 drivers… 47 of those wins came in the 51.  KBM also holds the record for most owner championships with seven, has two driver championships (Erik Jones in 2015 and Christopher Bell in 2017), and now will have one of their young guns, Jack Wood, wheeling the Barstool Sports logo for the final race of 2023.

("Jack Wood" was also my porn name in college.)

My only gripe with the podcast is that Spider signed off on the final logo for the show, and it conveniently reads "Rubbin' Is Racing with Spider & Large", so when I got first dibs to design the truck's skin with the creative team at KBM, I had no problem changing the logo on the truck's hood to put my name first… I love the kid, but FUCK SPIDER.

We sat down with Jack Wood on this week's episode of Rubbin' to get all the details on "our" upcoming race and to also recap/preview the Cup Series Playoffs as we head to Martinsville…

And you can watch the Rubbin'/KBM collabo next Friday, November 3rd at 10 PM EST as the Lucas Oil 150 rolls off live from Phoenix Raceway on FS1… The Rubbin' guys will be there with the Foreplay fellas, so we'll be all over social, as well.

Take a report.