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Previewing The Daytona 500 w/ NASCAR's Amy Long

Tomorrow afternoon at 2:30 ET, NASCAR kicks off its 2021 season with the 63rd running of The Great American Race, The Daytona 500... 40 cars... 200 laps... 500 miles... And a LOT of denim.

I sat down yesterday with Amy Long, one of the hosts of NASCAR Trackside Live! and part of NASCAR's digital team, and we broke down all the main stories going into the big race…

- The event marks 20 years since the death of Dale Sr. on the last lap of the 2001 Daytona 500.

- In a day and age where Tom Brady keeps winning rings, can Denny Hamlin 3 peat at Daytona?

- Does Bubba have a chance now that he left Petty’s 43 car and thrown in with Michael Jordan's new team?

- How will Ryan Newman respond returning to the scene of last year's crash? 

- A number of rookies stepping up from the X-Finity series, but I only care about 1 of them… The Italian kid from CT, Anthony Alfredo.


- How's the feeling in NASCAR with Kyle Larsen being back from suspension over a racial slur he uttered on a Twitch stream?

- Clint Boyer is Barstool’s guy, and he goes from being in the driver's seat to being in the broadcast booth… What are the chances that Clint embarrasses himself, his family, and all of NASCAR being on a live mic?   

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The BARSTOOL SPORTSBOOK will have a dedicated NASCAR exclusive section for people looking to throw down some dough, and there will be an Electric Chair Live Stream in HQ starting at 2:30 for people looking to watch me eat ribs.

Enjoy the rubbin' and the racin'… 

Boogity, boogity, and take a report.