Barstool HQ Tastes The Beanut Butter Cup

Episodes of the Lowering The Bar game show are premiering this week - (Ep: 1 - Billy Football vs PFT), so I decided to make a special treat in order celebrate the monumental occasion. Back in April, Barstool tweeted a video of a creation I absolutely needed to try ... the Beanut Butter Cup

Incredible. Peanut butter cups are a tier 1 candy, and beans are a fucking good. I could rattle off a Bubba Shrimp list about beans that would make Beans from Even Stevens seem anti-legume.

Making Vibb's Beanut Butter cup was incredibly easy and if you really wanted to, could try them at home for the cost of a can of chocolate, muffin holders, and of course beans. Simple to make, but how do they taste? Find out on Lowering The Bar … 

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