The Barstool Bar Continues To Be A Horrible Spot To Take A Date

Every single week Barstool employees return to the bar despite knowing they'll be punished with a disgusting beverage, or some form of boiled animal genitalia. SO, for Valentine's Day, Lowering The Bar wanted to treat everyone to something special. Why not take people on a date to the same bar Mantis uses as his date spot? Throw in some delicious chocolate covered strawberries ... stuffed with hotdogs inside? No one can resist. Love is in the air, but all the trust is about to leave the room on this episode of Lowering The Bar. 

P.S. small continuity error on this episode. Halfway through, I go from being a 90's sitcom teacher to Brooklyn lesbian ...

Joey cut my hair to look the part this weekend while Lowering The Bar is at Daytona. Watch the Nascar Daytona 500 this Sunday at 2:30pm on Fox, and come visit Lowering The Bar in the infield of the 500 on race day. Don't miss out on the action.