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Answer Personal Questions, Or Eat Disgusting Food

Does Kelly Keegs hate the mean girls? How much $$$ has Keegs made on OnlyFans? How itty bitty is Vibbs' pecker? Must know questions answered on this first installment of Lowering the Bar: Truth or Puke. The only way out of truthfully answering questions is by risking it all and eating whatever disgusting food item has been selected. Either way, the guest loses, and the audience wins. 

The old format of LTB is great for quickly displaying all the talent in the office, but not so great for having outside guests on to promote their own stuff, so hopefully as time goes on we'll be able to do both old format and truth or puke 1 on 1. The first episode of truth or puke is great, but it wouldn't have been possible without the fine folks at Bear Bottom Clothing

Bearbottom has THE best clothes for any occasion. If you watch any video of me at the office, I'm wearing at least one thing from Bearbottom. I love their clothes, and you will too. It's summer, the swimsuits are perfect. Get FREE SHIPPING on your first order using link ->