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The World's Most Sour Candy Challenge

Anytime we get our hands on something with the the title "The World's Most  _____" , the episode does not disappoint. We've done The World's Strongest Alcohol, World's Hottest Chip, even the World's Most Difficult Carnival Game. 

BUT, when it comes to the world's most sour candy, something isn't right. Previously we tried the sour hard candy Toxic Waste which claimed to be the most sour candy on the planet, but ended up being about as strong as a regular sour Warhead. Toxic Waste was a total dud. 

When YouTuber Faze Rug created the 1UP Sour Challenge claiming to have what is now the most sour candy in the world, I was skeptical. BUT, when you claim to have something so sour you have to pack a "neutralizer" which is basically sour candy narcan, I'm all in. It's time for redemption on the world's most sour candy. Can Barstool handle the sour? Find out on this episode of Lowering The Bar …. 

Brought to you by the official hydration partner of LTB, Bodyarmor. Nothing feels better than the cool relief of high quality H20 when the world's most sour candy has burnt the top layer of skin off your tongue. Thank you Bodyarmor.