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Kegs and 100 Year Eggs For St. Patrick's Day

It's the most wonderful time of the year. There is no sporting event better than March Madness, and having the tourney fall on a holiday centered around drinking? You can't lose. The only thing that could make today better is a homemade 8 foot Plinko board, so LTB made one. It's kegs and century eggs time on this St. Patty's Day edition of Lowering The Bar. Who can beat the board? Find out on this episode ...

P.S. Richard Dawson eat your heart out

For Large, Spider, and myself the only thing that could make St. Patrick's Day even better is a trip to fucking Ireland

The Furman Paladins only need ONE more win against San Diego State for the Rubbin Is Racing/ Twisted History crew to drink all the Busker Irish Whiskey in Ireland.