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Barstool Gags On Pig Knuckle Sandwiches

RNR22 is tonight and these fights will be the first time Barstool has produced a Rough N Rowdy owned 100% by Barstool. The energy in the room when Dave bought back the company was something I've never seen in my humble career at Barstool, so I know that palpable electricity that was in the air that day will carry over to this production. Until 8pm tonight when the real punches start flying at , enjoy Barstool employees taking pig knuckle sandwiches to the face. While a pork product shouldn't be bad, pig knuckles somehow manage to be a disgusting. The texture is gelatinous, but somehow chewy, all while reminding you of dead, callous, foot skin. How does Barstool handle pig knuckle sandwiches? Find out on this episode of Lowering The Bar ...