Barstool Created The Internet's Most Difficult Sour Challenge Years Ago

Barstool did the 1UP Sour Gummy Challenge at the bar this week, and the candy left much to be desired. Granted, I'm desensitized to a little face puckering. I need the sour challenge to ruin someone's day, maybe even put someone out of commission for a week. The hot challenges have been able to do that (Frankie vs. Hot Chip) 

Frankie pouring a gallon of milk into his eyeballs was just the beginning. When Frankie came to work the next day he told us he spent the night in hell; switching between sitting on the toilet with fiery diarrhea, and rubbing his charred, delicate, dirty penny with ice chips to soothe the burning. THAT is what I need out of a challenge. 

Unfortunately, none of the sour candies online claiming to be the world's most sour have the capability to level grown adult. SO, awhile back we decided to cut out the middle man and go straight to the source of the sour with - MALIC ACID. 

Malic Acid is the sugar crystal looking coating that makes sour candy sour. THIS is the closest I've seen a sour challenge come to ruining someone's day. The chemical burn was fun, who needs the top layer of skin on their tongue? 

Nice to see Trent and Frankie have recovered from the horrible things I've put them through. Watch Trent, Frankie, and the rest of an elite broadcast team today and tomorrow on Barstool.TV for the Korn Ferry Tour NV5 Invite