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Trying Hallucinogenic "Mad Honey" From Nepal

The Wonton Don is releasing another incredible travel series from his visit to Nepal where he fights off monkeys, visits Mt. Everest base camp, and tries a hallucinogenic honey, called "Mad Honey." 

Delicious natural honey that makes you trip balls sounds amazing, but if you're expecting to see visions, this honey won't live up to the hype (I deserve a journalistic entegrity award for NOT saying "buzz".) People that have tried this honey say it gives you a warm, relaxing body high. Our in house expert, The Wonton Don, found out the hard way that it's a fine line between "body high" and "puking your guts out all night." 

The recommended dosage from people who have tried the honey is 1 spoonful, so obviously Donnie had 3 spoonfuls. Not good. With footage of Mad Honey destroying the best of men, it was hard to get volunteers to try Mad Honey at Barstool HQ. Many people were certain this would kill them, and they might not be wrong. BUT, we managed to assemble a brave crew for a Friday afternoon willing to go on a journey with a spoonful of honey. How money spoonfuls is too many for some of the bravest in the office? Can this group handle the trippy honey? Find out on this mini-episode of Lowering The Bar.