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Lowering The Bar Tournament: Billy Football vs. PFT Commenter

Lowering The Bar is a show made for laughs and good conversation at the bar, until now. Ladies and Gentlemen, this is The Lowering The Bar Tournament presented by Labatt Blue Light. With a large sum of cash on the line, contestants will complete the same disgusting and dangerous challenges you know and love from Lowering The Bar, with some new twists. 

This is the first episode of Round 1, and features two competitors who use brute strength and sheer grit to their advantage, Billy Football vs. PFT Commenter. Only one can move on to the next round, who will it be? Billy or PFT? Find out on Lowering The Bar.

Thanks to Labatt Blue Light for giving us money to let 8 people fight over, not to mention a cool game show set with a comfy ass couch. 

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