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Eating Testicles Isn't As Bad As Getting Kicked In the Testicles

Testicles in your mouth first meal of the day is about as tempting as a firm kick to the sack, but some at Barstool were able to handle the discomfort like a champ. Bull testicles are a dish that has been around since bulls were hunted, and throughout history have been advertised as a male supplement good enough for an ad spot on Alex Jones' Info Wars. Before the Olympic games Greek athletes would gobble these balls down like Rocky drinking eggs for breakfast to have enough sustenance to compete. Spanish bullfighters adopted the tradition, but AFTER the bull was slain in the arena, in order to receive the bull's vitality. Luckily, this tradition never found its way into modern sports, but it would be funny to tell Steven Cheah bull balls are now on the TB12 method.

Bull testicles did find their way into American Culture. Going by the names Rocky Mountain Oysters, Montana Tendergroin, Cowboy Caviar. 3 states claim to be the best at doing up testicles, Colorado, Nevada, and Montana. Montana even had a testicle festival that was shut down in 2018. When served in a restaurant the balls are usually deep fried, but going to the Indiana State fair my whole life taught me that dog shit would probably taste good if you put it in a deep fryer. SO, these are balls cooked in a sauce pan and not boiled.

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"Excuse me Miss. I don't mean to be rude, but … do you suck balls?"