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We Issued Our First Mood Warning Today In Red Line Radio History

You don't get to have a lot of Firsts with this group any more but we actually had one this week and it was delightful. It was our first Mood Warning in the history of Red Line Radio, and it was issued in conjunction with our rugs and Jerry Reinsdorf both simultaneously ruining WSD. Normally something I enjoy but at the same time I don't like seeing Mood Warning just get thrown around like crazy. 

If you have no idea what's going on, the rugs in the Chicago office have long plagued WSD's mobility in a swivel chair. It's become a routine talking point over the years, particularly snake drafts. And then there's that rotten asshole Jerry Reinsdorf who simply will not do what it takes to put his roster over the top. Those are the two big sticking points and they will not go away. 

Meanwhile, I don't know if I need a Mood Warning or not for Marcus Stroman. Reading the tea leaves it almost seems inevitable that I will have a full on meltdown with this fella in the coming months. But I want to stay positive until that happens. So for now I'm issuing just a general mood warning on myself knowing full well that shit is going to hit the fan at a later date. 

For now let's stay positive. Let's stay out of trouble and not on probation. Let's get our minds sharp for opening day and most importantly, let's get some numbers on the Barstool Chicago YouTube account. I want to be able to afford the price increases at Wrigley this year and I need your help to get there. Subscribe here and let me eat hot dogs all summer. 

God Bless.