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The Redline Radio Guys Go To Jeremy Roenick's Hockey Camp

No gloves? No problem, just pick up some bright orange ones from a Shell Gas Station on the way to the rink and get out of the ice. That’s All Gas, No Brakes and the White Sox Dave Experience all rolled into one. Big thank you to Jeremy Roenick for inviting us out to his Hockey Camp this summer, and our apologies for waiting roughly four months to post the video. That’s our bad. Great night and JR couldn’t have been a better guy. He gave WSD and Carl the full beer league experience. Meaning a few quick shifts and then pack a lip and pop a few beers.

Having said that…couple of baseball guys doing baseball guy things. I think they quit at the end of the first period after two shifts a piece. WSD complained about one little nut tap and JR rubbed Carl out into the boards and he literally went to the doctor because he had a bruised lung. Hockey ain’t for everyone.