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Today (Today....) I Consider Myself (I Consider Myself)... The Luckiest Man (The Luckiest Man....) On The Face Of The Earth

I still can't believe we got to shoot the shit with Mike North in studio for an hour and a half this week. Just a couple of Chicago boys talking shop around Mike's proverbial campfire. Just a really cool experience to sit with the OG sports talk radio guy in Chicago and hear about his perspective working the mic in town. Needless to say he's as real and Chicago as it gets. 

All time classic moment was the story about Chris Zorch racing down a side street in front of hundreds of people. Classic 90's promotion that would never happen today unfortunately: 


Such a good punch line from Mike. Absolutely crazy scenario with Zorich hauling ass against the local radio host. And credit to Mike for thinking he still had it in him. That's the difference between the real sports guys and the fake ones. If you think you still got it long after you've lost it, then we can be close friends. That's exactly the kinda guys I want to surround myself with. 

Seriously thanks for all the positive feedback this week. Definitely an experience and an interview I'll remember for a long time and hopefully there will be more to come with Mike down the road. 

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