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I Can Feel The John Daly Cocktail Argument Deep Inside My Plums

Pretty chaotic week here at Barstool with all the nonsense surroundingt he cocktaila rgument. For maybe the millionth time I'm still confident in my veto because I find a JD outside the spirit of cocktailing. I'd go as far as to say a Long Island toes the line and that fucking thing has 5 separate shots of booze. By number of ingredients, sure. But absolutely zero class. I prepared a board for a sophisticated night of getting responsibly hammered. 

But Carl what about the 3 ingredient rule? 

That was made unilaterally by Red Ed. I am not bound by any obligation or authority to abide by such a simple classification. Again, it's about the spirit of the selection and I honestly thought I was wearing a blazer and some nice slacks. I thought I would fold a pocket square and possibly wear a time keeping piece. That's where my head and heart were at when we vetoed John Daly. 

I have since walked some of this sentiment back as shown this week on Red Line Radio. I slept on it. I considered all the evidence. Maybe I overreached and in turn ultimately violated the spirit of the draft myself. Maybe it was just a bad moment from a guy who watched French Onion and Sampler Platter get vetoed in the same exact draft. Maybe there's some scar tissue under all this twisted steel? 

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Regardless of where you stand, it has been an immensely entertaining week at Barstool Chicago and I'd be remiss not to point out in this blog post. We got action al over the place. Opening Day White Sox. a fountain of ForePlay controversy, Craig Robinson telling Will Ferrell improve stories, the debut of the new baseball show Hot Ice, a big sponsor coming to Bleacher Bum and maybe most importantly - I absolutely STRIPED my irons this past Sunday first time out. So yeah you could say we're riding high right now at Barstool Chicago. 

So go ahead and tell me I suck and this argument is stupid. You can shit on me all you want. I just know if you order a John Daly at a cocktail lounge then you're probably at the wrong place. 

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